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Manchester Data Recovery specialise in the recovery of data from any device capable of storing data including Desktop & Personal Computers, Laptops, RAID Servers, External Hard Drives other storage devices. We carry out the successful recovery of 1000s of devices every year and a decade and have a half's experience to fall back on as a result.

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Raid 5 Server

Failed RAID Server Recovery No Fix? No Fee!

With the wealth of experience our engineers have we are able to deal with the data recovery issues that come about through problems arising in RAID devices. We are knowledgeable in all kinds of RAID setup as well as the ways in which specific manufacturers put them together. We can even help recover data from a RAID rebuild if it has been unsuccessful.

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Data recovery centers nationwide

Twenty Nationwide Centres No Fix? No Fee!

We currently have 20 regional data recovery centres located in London (4 in total), Edinburgh,Newcastle, Manchester, Leeds, Nottingham, Birmingham, Milton Keynes, Cambridge, Oxford, Bristol, Reading, Bracknell, Staines, Maidenhead, Belfast and Guildford. We also deal with the RAID data recovery queries of our clients in Eire.

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No Fix No Fee!

In 99.9% of all cases we can recover your data. A failure to do so will incur no charge.

Laptop Data Recovery

No Job Too Large or Small

Our varied client base can attest to the fact we can recover data from a whole host of different devices.

Laptop Data Recovery

Super Quick Recovery Times

We offer the premier Data Recovery service in and around Manchester at the most competitive prices.

Super Quick Data Recovery

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We've reached the 20,000 Milestone!

Our stock of components has now reached 20,000 and climbing.

Manchester’s Premier Data Recovery Specialists On Hand To Help You

Manchester Data Recovery's engineers have a vast knowledge base to call on when it comes to the various problems that may cause your device to fail and result in the loss of your data. From hardware faults to firmware and software conflicts, our engineers have been helping the businesses of Manchester recover their data for over 15 years.Click here for more information...

Apple Hard Drive Recovery

iMAC: I have an Apple iMac computer which I use with Apple Mail. I extract a lot of documents from the mail, and save it to the computer. However, there is a problem when it comes to the type of folders that are being created by Mail to allow it to save the information and sent emails in. The trouble is that the Mail has created two separate folders, one of which is titled ‘sent’ and the other ‘sent messages’. It used these to put in messages from either the computer or the iPhone, but they were not viewable by […] Read More

Windows Laptop

WINDOWS LAPTOP: I have an older XP laptop which has been in use for several years, I wanted to connect the laptop to my network, and this seemed to work to begin with. Everyone in the company was able to put their data into the NAS, and I could view it all through the XP. However, within a few days of starting up the laptop on the NAS network, I noticed that there were problems with downloading the information onto the laptop, and that it was taking the data from the NAS. I decided to try and copy the files […] Read More

Buffalo Linkstation Recovery

BUFFALO RAID 5 ARRAY: I have a Buffalo server using an array which has 3 disks arranged into a RAID 5 configuration. I have been using this array for several months now, and have had no problems until recently. The problems began when I decided to upgrade the BIOS settings to produce a faster running speed. I updated the BIOS, and as I knew that the drivers would be changed, I fixed them as my first solution. However, when I turned on the server again after upgrading the BIOS, there seems to have been a problem with the connection between […] Read More