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Memory and SD Card Data Recovery

Camera Memory Cards Failure:

Memory cards that can be used to store data in cameras and a whole host of other devices, which allow for portable storage, often suffer the loss of data due to being dropped, having their pins broken, or the incorrect formatting or accidental deletion of files. Sometimes leaving a memory card in direct sunlight or near something that generates a lot of heat is enough to cause the card to fail and your data may become irretrievable – at least to you. We here at Manchester Data Recovery can retrieve that data using a very specialized set of recovery tools and 15-years experience in the data recovery industry.

Camera Memory Card Physical Damage:

Memory cards develop read/write errors if not correctly looked after. General wear and tear may lead to the failure of a memory card and problems occurring from badly damaged chips and pins can lead to a host device’s inability to read the stored data. Our experts are able utilize the latest chip reading technology and overcome this problem thus restoring your lost data and we are proud of the fact that we have a high success rate in doing so. From damaged controller connections leading to problems with your memory card reader and the degradation of the floating gates inside we at Manchester Data Recovery are able to overcome these obstacles that would normally prevent you from retrieving your information

Camera Memory Card Failure Due to Extreme Heat or Exposure to Magnetic Forces:

As with a hard drive or a USB memory stick your memory card may suffer a loss of data and end up non-functioning because of a high voltage jolt. As the inside of a memory card is a very confined space with no grounding and all of its circuitry is the product of solder and microchips an overload of electricity can cause the onboard hardware to literally burn. The oxide that allows for the passing of negatively charged electrons can quite simply disintegrate. As a result, you the user, will find that you will be unable to access the memory card irrespective of what computer or operating system you use.

Memory Card Data Erased in Error:

Here at Manchester Data Recovery we find that we deal with a lot of requests for help in reconstituting data that has been lost due to accidental deletion or reformatting. Some users in order to conserve drive space change the settings of their recycle bin to empty upon dropping a file into it so they are unable retrieve the data if they delete it and formatting the drive renders the data invisible to a lot of the software on the market that claims to pull it back. Some software will indeed retrieve the data but only partially but will not be able to rebuild it in its original format leaving the user with the cost of only semi-useful software that only performs half a job and retrieved data that is corrupt.

Operating System Refuses to Recognise Camera Memory Card via USB or Card Reader:

Sometimes problems arise when using memory cards if they have not been formatted correctly or formatted on machines other than the one you currently use. Also virus software may register this as an attack from outside and render the memory card unreadable or shut down your computer. There is the potential for passing hardware disrupting viruses on through memory cards so if you are suffering from a computer freezing while in the process of using a memory card contact us at Manchester Data Recovery where we will be able to find out what has caused the memory card failure and the inaccessibility of your data.

Featured Article

Camera Data Recovery


I am using a Transcend TS16 in a digital camera. I have a business in photography, and have used countless memory cards with no problems at all, but I am having a problem viewing and recovering the pictures stored on this memory card. I used it to take a number of pictures for a shoot, and wanted to download the results immediately. I usually remove the card and insert it into an electronic card reader which is always plugged into the computer. When I put the card into this reader, it immediately put up a message saying ‘ cannot access card’. There was a short pause while the reader made a couple of searching noises, and then a second message appeared asking me to format the card or replace it. I removed the card, and put it into the camera, trying to read the data onto the computer in this way. This did not work, and I ran a recovery program which comes with the software for the card. This did not recover it, and instead kept asking me to format the drive. The shoot cannot be re-done, and I need those photographs.


I bought a Transcend 8GB memory card as I wanted to be able to take a number of photographs without stopping. This was about 4 months ago, and since that time I have not had a problem until recently. I decided that I would like to download the latest batch of pictures, and so I plugged the camera into the computer. However, within a few seconds, the computer put up a message which said that it could not read the card. I have tried using a card reader, and even attempted putting it into a different camera, to see if that would help. I made use of a card reader which is attached to my company’s printer, thinking at least that would print out the photographs, but I have not been able to get any system to read the files. I can’t use the card in any systems, but most importantly, I can’t extract the data photographs which are stored on the card. I want these quite urgently.

Client Testimonials

“ Thank you for the excellent data recovery service! You have recovered 5 years of pictures and videos of our children and family. ”

Joanathan Beggs, Manchester, UK

“ It was a relief to discover a place with such professional service for a potentially very stressful situation! This company put me very much at ease and gave me 4 updates per day! ”

Sean O Reilly, Bradford, UK

“ My PC hard drive had failed, and Dell sent me a replacement. I needed to get my data recovered, Manchester Data Recovery Company did a great job! ”

Ryan Adams, Liverpool, UK

“ Great service from you guys, highly recommended company if you have a corrupted and inaccessible drive ”

Eddy Lewis, Manchester, UK

“ Very helpful and friendly staff. Always quick to reply to emails (nearly instant) and the data recovery itself was completed in under 48 hours! ”

Rick Dive, Stoke-on-Trent, UK

“ In 2013, my 16 year old son was killed in a car accident. At this point, the only thing I have left of him are memories and pictures. Data files was recovered within 3 days. ”

Dan Koster, Manchester, UK

“ Manchester Data Recovery was able to recover 3 months worth of work for the price of 3 days worth of work - all done in 72 hours. ”

Allistair Graham, Horwich, UK