Case Studies

Our clients come from all walks of life and all manner of business backgrounds. We recover data for banks, schools, hospitals, government bodies, local councils, charities, private and public companies and the single home user. Below are some of the stories of how we helped them recover their data.
Case Studies

Case Study 1: Mac Air That Fell onto Floor

Client had been using the Mac Air on her lap while watching TV when her dog jumped up and knocked the Mac Air laptop out of her lap and onto the floor. It was a carpet floor and client initally could use the laptop, but later that evening it froze and since then will not start up. Client is getting the question mark when she boots her Mac Air and there is also clicking noises coming for the laptop. We got the hard disk removed from the Mac Air and diagnosed that there was mechanical damage to the read/write head assembly inside the hard disk casing. We changed this part as we stock one of the largest hard drive parts within the UK. Disk was imaged and all data recovered.

* If you have dropped your Apple laptop please contact us for a data recovery quote.

Case Study 2: A Clicking Buffalo Ministation

Client had a Buffalo Ministation that had broken down with a mechanical fault. When client powers up the Buffalo Ministation and plugs it into the USB port it starts to spin up and the light on the front of the Buffalo Ministation flashes but then it starts to make a beeping and then a clicking noise. It also makes buzzing noises in between the beeps. Client connected Buffalo Ministation to another computer but had the same problems. Client does not believe Buffalo Ministation was dropped or anything out of the ordinary happened the Buffalo Ministation. We received in Buffalo Ministation and diagnosed that the drive had motor and read/write head damage. We decided best chance of a recovery was to upgrade the motor and fit a new set of read/write heads to the hard drive. We imaged all sectors on hard drive on our sector imaging machine and backed up data for a full recovery.

* If your hard drive is making beeping, buzzing or clicking noises, contact us for a data recovery solution.

Case Study 3: Two Disk Failure on a Dell PowerEdge Server

Dell Poweredge server had a power blackout, this meant that the Dell server went into offline mode. When server was rebooted two hard drives was not getting recognised as a result of the power surge. Client went into the raid disk management utilites and confirmed which drives had gone bad. The client could not restore the array as the raid 5 system had only room for one one drive failure. The client tried to use the bios recovery option but this did not do anything. We received in the Dell Poweredge server and diagnosed that indeed 2 drives had failed and the other 2 drives were about to fail. We quickly imaged the 2 working drives and picked the best drive out of the 2 failed hard drives to complete a platter exchange procedure on. We then processed the system and extracted all data for a full data recovery.

* If your server has experienced a blackout contact us today for some specialist raid advice.

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Why Choose Manchester Data Recovery To Recover Your Lost Data?

We are the recognised experts in recovering data. We recover data for all types of businesses and individuals including Small Businesses, Private & Public Companies, Government Depts, NHS, Universities, Schools, Students, Pensioners, Home Users etc. Click on locations link on main menu to find your nearest centre. All Data Recovery Centres are open from 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday. Hard Disks can be dropped into us or posted into us.

  • Unlike other data recovery companies, we don’t work with the actual disks themselves, we always image hard disks and work with the images instead.
  • We have 14 years experience in recovering from external hard drives and have over 15,000 parts in stock which we don’t sell but instead use exclusively for client related data recovery needs.
  • We believe we offer the quickest data recovery service within the UK.

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