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Recover External Hard Drive

Commonly Experienced External Hard Disk Drive Issues:

It is important to understand why your external hard drive might fail. As with internal hard drives lots of small and delicate components operate in tandem and it is not beyond the realms of possibility that one or more of these parts may stop working. The reasons are many and can amount to nothing more than general wear and tear. Even the firmware – software written to or hardwired into the hard drive – can be the cause of a failure. Irrespective of the reason however Manchester Data Recovery and our experts with their wealth of experience and knowledge will make sure you don’t lose your data.

Mechanical Failure of Your External Hard Drive:

If you have used your computer recently and noticed a loud noise being made by your external hard drive it is possible that it’s suffering from a fault. The chances of a crash are greatly increased if such a noise can be heard. It may be an intermittent noise or a continuous one but that noise is telling you something isn’t right within your external drive. Normally it is a forerunner to a drive fail caused by platter or actuator arm misalignment or the thin magnetic layer covering each of the platters is degrading. If you have noticed such a noise we recommend shutting down the external HDD and seeking our advice. We at Manchester Data Recovery are here to help you diagnose the problem and repair the fault if possible but more importantly retrieve your data.

External Hard Drive Cable Failure:

Ribbon cables are cables that carry the information and data you read and write to your hard drive. Problems occur with this cable inside the caddy of an external hard drive unit as they would a computer case. The cables can become twisted; snap and the delicate wiring inside can become exposed to the caddy casing causing it to interfere with the information being sent. An electrical surge can melt the wires inside the outer casing or simply through over use (if the machine is prone to a lot of vibration) they can loosen and fail to stay attached to the drive. Regardless of the reason for the cable failure it can be difficult to replace particularly inside an external hard drive caddy. We do not recommend opening up such a device without experience so we are here to offer you our help and support when it comes to ribbon cable issues. You can contact us at Manchester Data Recovery.

External Hard Disk Drive Firmware Flaws:

Irrespective of whether the hard drive is internal or not it contains its own operating system – firmware. Without firmware these devices would not talk to the operating system you run or the motherboard through which they all connect. Firmware is required to tell the HDD how and when to send and receive information via USB 2.0 or USB 3.0, fire wire ports or other inputs that might be used. It is also there to instruct the drive as to what speed it should be spinning. If the firmware attached to your external HDD fails then you will certainly experience difficulties but unlike a physical hardware error no audible warning may be given; the hard drive may simply stop functioning. If your hard drive has simply ceased to work contact us at Manchester Data Recovery so that we can establish the root cause of the problem and also make sure that – firmware or not – our team can recover your data..

External Hard Drive Operating Very Slowly or Freezing:

The operating system determines how your computer functions. Whether a Windows-based machine or an Apple Mac the operating system will connect all of your software and allow it to work together by routing their commands and requests. As it does this it looks to the major components within the computer and ensures (where possible) that everything is communicating correctly. If a problem arises which the operating system is unable to deal with, devices such as your external hard drive may fail to be recognised. Many people would say switch off and try again and for some this works; but in the main should the operating system fail to recognise your external hard disk drive there is a problem. If you are experiencing this please contact us without delay at Manchester Data Recovery and we will be only too happy to help.

Featured Article

Hard Drive Failure

I wonder if you can help me. I am using a Transcend 1TB USB 3.0 external drive with my Apple iMac and recently have moved over to OS X Mavericks as it was a free download and I was told that it would approve the overall quality and experience using the iMac. All was okay when I did the download but after a couple of reboots the Transcend drive would not load and when I checked the Apple was not even registering the fact it was plugged in via USB. I unplugged it and reconnected it only for the drive icon to appear on the screen for a split second then disappear again. Device Management says the drive is there but the iMac says it isn’t. To top it all now that I have tried loading the drive on another machine it is telling me that it is in the wrong format and in order for me to use it I must reformat the drive. Admittedly I have been trying to access the drive using a Windows based machine but I have done this in the past using a drive formatted on a Mac and it has allowed it. For the most part I would have no qualms in formatting the drive but there are items my daughter has downloaded from her school intranet and wants to keep but I don’t know how to get at them now that the drive is asking to be reformatted.

I’ve got a Seagate Freeagent drive that is giving me a lot of hassle and causing me some degree of stress and I wondered if you might have an idea as to what is happening. I’m not sure of the model number so please forgive me but I know for certain it is a Seagate Freeagent drive with – I believe – 2TB of space on it. At first when I was using it there were no problems but over the last couple of months it has had the occasional wobble where it has decided not to tell me how much space was either used or left on the drive. Then more recently when I plugged it into the USB port I have been getting an error on the screen that says as follows: ‘The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error’. I took it to college with me and my tutor tried initialising the drive on his laptop through the device manager but he got the same message. He tells me that he suspects there is a problem with the PCB and that the drive is probably next to useless now. I wouldn’t care but all my coursework is on there and I hadn’t yet made a backup. I bet you wish you had a quid for every time you heard that one eh?

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“ Thank you for the excellent data recovery service! You have recovered 5 years of pictures and videos of our children and family. ”

Joanathan Beggs, Manchester, UK

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Sean O Reilly, Bradford, UK

“ My PC hard drive had failed, and Dell sent me a replacement. I needed to get my data recovered, Manchester Data Recovery Company did a great job! ”

Ryan Adams, Liverpool, UK

“ Great service from you guys, highly recommended company if you have a corrupted and inaccessible drive ”

Eddy Lewis, Manchester, UK

“ Very helpful and friendly staff. Always quick to reply to emails (nearly instant) and the data recovery itself was completed in under 48 hours! ”

Rick Dive, Stoke-on-Trent, UK

“ In 2013, my 16 year old son was killed in a car accident. At this point, the only thing I have left of him are memories and pictures. Data files was recovered within 3 days. ”

Dan Koster, Manchester, UK

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Allistair Graham, Horwich, UK