Apple Hard Drive Recovery


I have an Apple iMac computer which I use with Apple Mail. I extract a lot of documents from the mail, and save it to the computer. However, there is a problem when it comes to the type of folders that are being created by Mail to allow it to save the information and sent emails in. The trouble is that the Mail has created two separate folders, one of which is titled ‘sent’ and the other ‘sent messages’. It used these to put in messages from either the computer or the iPhone, but they were not viewable by both items, so for example an email sent from iMac could not be seen by the iPhone and vice versa, although the mail folders could be seen. This was a problem for me, as I travel on business and often send mails from the phone, which then need to be reviewed on the computer. So I attempted to fix it by combining the folders into a single folder called ‘sent’. When I tried to view this on the computer, I found that all of my previous mails had been deleted, including ones from the computer. I need this data as a record of client transactions.


I am using a Wireless Router on four laptops, 3 of which use Windows, and the other which is a Macbook. I have been struggling to connect data which is saved on the Macbook to the server which runs off of the router. I thought I had done this last week, and proceeded to send a load of documents and images to the server, hoping to be able to view them through the Macbook when I had finished. However, now I cannot connect to the server, and when I look at the server through the other computers, I am not able to view any of the files. All of the data had previously been available on the Macbook, and I could clearly reach the server, as all of the data was transferred successfully. Not being able to view the data means that I can’t locate important wedding photographs which are valued by the family. I also can’t find some documents which contain a portfolio and a CV, and which have not been backed up.