Buffalo Linkstation Recovery


I have a Buffalo server using an array which has 3 disks arranged into a RAID 5 configuration. I have been using this array for several months now, and have had no problems until recently. The problems began when I decided to upgrade the BIOS settings to produce a faster running speed. I updated the BIOS, and as I knew that the drivers would be changed, I fixed them as my first solution. However, when I turned on the server again after upgrading the BIOS, there seems to have been a problem with the connection between the array and the computer. When I boot up the array into my Windows OS, the computer says that only a specific percentage has been initialised. When I go into the Windows Management Utility, I can only see a few small files, and not the large amount of data which should be stored on the drive. The array cannot seem to find a lot of this data, and despite searching for it, I have also not been able to locate it.


I have a self-build Raid 5 array which I have been using with a Dell server. I used the on-board controller in the array to create the Raid 5 configuration. As well as the four drives which are in the array, I also have another hard drive which serves as the OS drive. I managed this system for a few months, but now it seems as though the disks have all come away from the array, and this is preventing me from being able to access data which I have stored on those drives. The problem is clear when I look at the disks under Drive Utilities, because I can see that there is only one in the array, and the others are named as Unknown Members, or Uninitialized. When I press on the drives to try and locate my data, the computer says this is an invalid action. It keeps asking me to format the drives which are not in the array. I don’t want to lose the data on these drives, and I need to recover the information which is on them?