Windows Laptop


I have an older XP laptop which has been in use for several years, I wanted to connect the laptop to my network, and this seemed to work to begin with. Everyone in the company was able to put their data into the NAS, and I could view it all through the XP. However, within a few days of starting up the laptop on the NAS network, I noticed that there were problems with downloading the information onto the laptop, and that it was taking the data from the NAS. I decided to try and copy the files back on to the NAS, but the laptop reported that they were corrupt, and then put up an error message. I was also prevented from downloading them to a USB flash drive for the same reason. A lot of the data which was saved to the NAS was deleted by colleagues as they thought it was safe on the network. I don’t think I can recover the files from the NAS, so I think the only solution will be to get the data from the laptop.


I am having problems with a Toshiba Qosmio laptop which is not powering up. It overheated while I was working on the laptop, and it has not been able to open up since. This would not be a complete disaster, but for the fact that I have important documents located on file in the laptop, including tax returns and other financial information which I would not be able to replicate. This information is very important, as without it I would not be able to establish that I had contributed funds to a particular tax bracket, or account for sales and payments to the company I work for.