Case Study 2: A Clicking Buffalo Ministation

Client had a Buffalo Ministation that had broken down with a mechanical fault. When client powers up the Buffalo Ministation and plugs it into the USB port it starts to spin up and the light on the front of the Buffalo Ministation flashes but then it starts to make a beeping and then a clicking noise. It also makes buzzing noises in between the beeps. Client connected Buffalo Ministation to another computer but had the same problems. Client does not believe Buffalo Ministation was dropped or anything out of the ordinary happened the Buffalo Ministation.

We received in Buffalo Ministation and diagnosed that the drive had motor and read/write head damage. We decided best chance of a recovery was to upgrade the motor and fit a new set of read/write heads to the hard drive. We imaged all sectors on hard drive on our sector imaging machine and backed up data for a full recovery.

* If your hard drive is making beeping, buzzing or clicking noises, contact us for a data recovery solution.