Case Study 3: Two Disk Failure on a Dell PowerEdge Server

Dell Poweredge server had a power blackout, this meant that the Dell server went into offline mode. When server was rebooted two hard drives was not getting recognised as a result of the power surge. Client went into the raid disk management utilites and confirmed which drives had gone bad. The client could not restore the array as the raid 5 system had only room for one one drive failure. The client tried to use the bios recovery option but this did not do anything.

We received in the Dell Poweredge server and diagnosed that indeed 2 drives had failed and the other 2 drives were about to fail. We quickly imaged the 2 working drives and picked the best drive out of the 2 failed hard drives to complete a platter exchange procedure on. We then processed the system and extracted all data for a full data recovery.

* If your server has experienced a blackout contact us today for some specialist raid advice.