Ask For Advice on How We Can Help Recover Your Data

Rather than consign that failed hard drive or other storage device to the scrapheap and risk the loss of valuable data contact us for advice on how we can recover the data and return it to you in the form of a usable physical backup. Email or telephone us directly and speak to one of our engineers who will be happy to help diagnose the problem and give you a fixed price for the entire recovery process. There are no hidden charges; the price we quote is the price you will pay. If, after you have spoken to us, you wish us to recover your data then we ask that you securely package up the faulty device (leaving as little room for it to move in the container) and send it to us at one of our Data Recovery centres. You will find a handy shipping form on the Contacts page that you can print off and use. If you wish to you can drop the device off yourself at your nearest Data Recovery centre where you can talk to an engineer in person, or alternatively send it to us by registered or special delivery with Royal Mail or by a courier of your own choice.

A No Obligation Quote is Available

When we have the hard drive or other device in front of us we will make a full and comprehensive diagnosis. Upon doing so one of our engineers will contact you to discuss what steps can be taken next. At this time there is no obligation to continue with the process if you don’t wish to and again we will discuss the costs with you so that you know everything is as we have stated. If you are happy then all we need is your say-so to get the process moving forward.

Our Ability to Recover Your Data

Having agreed for us to recover your data the process takes on average 2-3 days. During this time we make an image of the drive or device and back that up to our secure server. Once we have uploaded the recovered data to our servers our engineer will contact you by telephone to tell you that they have done so and they will follow this up with an email on which you will find screenshots of your data as well as a detailed list of directories etc. This is our way of letting you see the data has been successfully recovered.

How We Ensure You Receive Your Data Intact Upon Recovery

When you are happy and have peace of mind that we have done exactly what we said we would we can arrange to have your data placed on a physical medium and returned to you. In order for this to happen all we need is full payment by credit or debit card (there is no charge for card payments), cheque or bank transfer and upon receipt of the funds we can arrange for the backup to be returned to you via next day courier service. Just to clarify the price you pay also includes the price of the return of your data by courier; there are no further charges incurred

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