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Camera Data Recovery


I am using a Transcend TS16 in a digital camera. I have a business in photography, and have used countless memory cards with no problems at all, but I am having a problem viewing and recovering the pictures stored on this memory card. I used it to take a number of pictures for a shoot, and wanted to download the results immediately. I usually remove the card and insert it into an electronic card reader which is always plugged into the computer. When I put the card into this reader, it immediately put up a message saying ‘ cannot access card’. There was a short pause while the reader made a couple of searching noises, and then a second message appeared asking me to format the card or replace it. I removed the card, and put it into the camera, trying to read the data onto the computer in this way. This did not work, and I ran a recovery program which comes with the software for the card. This did not recover it, and instead kept asking me to format the drive. The shoot cannot be re-done, and I need those photographs.


I bought a Transcend 8GB memory card as I wanted to be able to take a number of photographs without stopping. This was about 4 months ago, and since that time I have not had a problem until recently. I decided that I would like to download the latest batch of pictures, and so I plugged the camera into the computer. However, within a few seconds, the computer put up a message which said that it could not read the card. I have tried using a card reader, and even attempted putting it into a different camera, to see if that would help. I made use of a card reader which is attached to my company’s printer, thinking at least that would print out the photographs, but I have not been able to get any system to read the files. I can’t use the card in any systems, but most importantly, I can’t extract the data photographs which are stored on the card. I want these quite urgently.