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Buffalo Data Recovery


I am having a few problems with an older Buffalo Linkstation which has suddenly fallen off of my NAS system. I am using Navigator 2 for this, and it has never been a problem before, but suddenly I have found that it is much more difficult for me to turn the device on, and as I said it has completely gone from my NAS. This is not a problem with the drive, I think because if I go into Windows Explorer, and type the IP address of my Linkstation, it clearly appears as one of the icons. I used to be able to just open up My Computer, and the icon would be there all the time. I have tried other USB connection ports, and even changed the power cable, in order to get the Navigator 2 to recognise the Linkstation.


Recently, I have been experiencing a big problem with my Linkstation. It is quite an old model, being around 2 years old, but has never given me any trouble until last week, when I plugged it in as usual, and the hard drive showed the blue light indicating that it was looking for the disk. This light usually flashes and then turns itself off, but last week, and ever since, it has been flashing until the Linkstation shuts itself down, then restating and repeating the flashing until I turn it off. I have tried a few things, including plugging it into different sockets, using different tables for the USB port and the power, and finally I unplugged the box, and opened it up. I removed the disk, and tried to use it in my machine as though it were a standard CD. However, this was not a success. I did notice, while I was doing this process, that somehow it is OEM partitioned. This doesn’t seem right, and I can’t recover my data, or re-use the Linkstation drive.