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Resolve Issues With Your D-Link Network Attached Storage


Hello, I have been using a D-Link DNS 323 NAS for some time, and need a little help. I have configured the drive to be a RAID1 system, so that if anything went wrong it could be rebuilt to the same level. However, I have discovered two problems with the D-Link so far. Firstly, there are periods when I am using the NAS when it stops responding. I can still see the icon, and open up the files, but it will not open any of the folders when I want it to. This stall usually occurs when I am asking it to copy a lot of data, and I can’t access the drive, or restart the copying, until I completely reset the device. The other problem is a consequence of this stall. During the last fail, the D-Link sent me a message saying that one of my drives had become corrupt. I removed that drive, and initiated a rebuild of the array using another new drive. It started to build the array, then put up a number saying it would take 120 days to rebuild. Then just stopped. Since that day, I have been unable to read any of the data. I cannot access my files, and I can’t see the drive which has been in there since the start.


I have bought this product in order to use it on my home computer. It was very slow from the start, which I understand is common with the D-Link. It was fast enough for me not to worry about it. However, recently, I tried to upgrade the firmware on the D-Link. I received a message from D-Link Support saying that the time had come to upgrade, and providing me with a link to the company’s new upgrade. I installed the new firmware drivers easily enough, but since that time it has not responded to any requests from some of the devices plugged into the NAS. For example, my Xbox is barred from the NAS completely, and I only receive a message saying that a factory reset was needed. I can’t get on there to look at the data which has been saved to the drives, as it is telling me that the device is no longer on the same server. I have looked at the settings, and they seem fine.