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Iomega Data Recovery Services


I have been using an Iomega external hard drive with 80GB of memory for some time, maybe for 10 years or so. I usually plug it into a power supply socket with 5V or 1amp of power. However, I have several power cords in the same location, and recently I unfortunately plugged in a much larger power source, 16v or 4.5amps, which is the IBM power cable for my PC. This has caused the Iomega hard drive to suffer a power surge, which has caused it to lose connection. The power surge may or may not have damaged the files inside the drive, at the moment I am too nervous to try and do anything in case there is another surge. While I have now colour-coded by power supply units in order to avoid making the same mistake again, I need to extract the files inside the Iomega external hard drive before I do anything else. I assume that there are ways to fix the drive, perhaps by replacing the port chip, or maybe by replacing the case.


I have an older Iomega external hard drive, perhaps dating from around 2003, with 160gb of memory. This has always worked perfectly, but I have recently bought a new hard drive, and want to transfer the data from one to the other. This means that I need to extract all of the files from the older Iomega hard drive, all at once, and place them in a safe location until I can install the new hard drive, all without losing anything, or suffering file corruption. I am not very computer-savvy, and so I am having a hard time copying the old data off the old Iomega external drive. Every time I try and copy the data it crashes the computer. I have managed to copy off 10gb of data but there is another 50gb of data on the Iomega drive I need to get extracted. I don’t want to lose the data.