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LaCie Data Recovery


I have been trying to get a Lacie external hard drive to work after fitting the laptop’s PSU to the Lacie’s USB port. This, unsurprisingly, caused the hard drive to have a power short. In an effort to correct the problem, I purchased another hard disk which is the same model, and removed the PCB from that disk, and put it into the Lacie drive. The PCB did not appear to be the same, but I thought that I might as well give it a go, rather than risk losing all my data. I put the PCB and install it in the Lacy hard drive. However, when I connect it to my computer, I get a couple of error messages, saying error loading the disk.


I have been using a Lacie hard drive, with 2 disks each holding 1TB of storage space. I thought that this was a big much for my computer, and so replaced the existing disks with alternatives which were much smaller. I was thinking that the computer would see the disks and re-build the RAID and then format them. However, when I started up the system, I discovered that my operating system for the Lacie is actually located on one of the disks. The disks that I removed, I mean. The operating system is a Linux based model, and so I found some source codes which I thought would help me rebuild the Lacie. However, I am struggling to create the hard drive that I want, and think that my only option might be to refit the two disks that were originally supplied with the machine and copy of the data that I had on the disks. Only problem is I have put in original disks and now they won’t get recognised by Lacie system.