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Netgear Data Recovery


I own a Netgear Readynas 100, which I have been using to back up files and folders. I originally had a pair of 4TV drives, installed through the list of approved drives, and had backup software from another manufacturer which helped me to store data on the hard drive. However, when I added another pair of drives to my Readynas, I found there it developed problems. Firstly, it would take a long time to sync itself, and then would just stop dead, no matter what it was doing. I learned to be cautious about uploading information when it was in that cycle. What has happened now, however, means that I cannot even do that. The Readynas has simply stopped working. It fell off of the network connection, meaning that anybody using the storage centre for their resources immediately lost the data they were saving at that moment, both from the computer and from the Readynas. Any information which was on the drives has also been lost, since I can’t access them through Readynas.


I have been using a Netgear Readynas 4200 to save work on while I am using the computer. Recently I decided to add another drive to the device, choosing one which had been specifically approved as suitable for this device. During a recent save, I noticed that the new drive was causing the Readynas to slow down significantly while it was being restored. I thought that the best solution would be to turn off the drive, and remove it while the Readynas was going through the motions, but when I did so, discovered that the data which had been saved on the hard drive is now completely gone. I cannot see it at all, even when searching for hidden files. My computer’s recovery software has found a few of the files, but it seems as though they are all corrupted, and unreadable.