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Recover Data From Synology Network Attached Storage


I am working with a Synology NAS DiskStation 2112J, which has just been bought recently. My router is supposed to work at 100MbPS, but the DiskStation is being really slow, and I mean so slow that it is virtually impossible to save data onto it unless you are willing to waste a lot of time. Recently, it was running at under 1mbps, which I could not believe. I tried it on a laptop with wireless connections, where it was a little faster, at around 50MPbs but I still cannot access the data on the system. I then checked the system with a trouble shooter, and found a number of error codes from the Synology NAS. I assume that the error is connected with the slow running of the device. As it is recently bought, I haven’t saved too much data on there (if I had, getting it back would take a week at this rate), but I would like to recover the data that is on the rather costly Synology DiskStation.


I have recently bought a Synology DiskStation NAS 213J, which is supposed to be used to save data recorded from my network. At the moment, I can plug it into my computer, and it will be seen on the drives, and everything looks perfect, but as soon as I try to connect it to the internet, the whole thing crashes, and has to be rebooted. I have tried this on several different occasions, and the same thing happens each time. I tried to talk to tech support, but they gave me some attitude, and tried to tell me that it was my fault. All I wanted to know was what I was doing to cause the DiskStation to crash when I wanted to copy the data I had stored on it as I did not trust it anymore, but they essentially called me an idiot, and wouldn’t help.