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Hitachi Data Recovery

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Our experts have extensive experience recovering data from failed hard disks. With 15 years experience in the data recovery industry, we can help you through the minefield of recovering data that might otherwise be considered lost.
Hitachi Data Recovery

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Critical Service £795

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Hard Drive Recovery Manchester

Problems Experienced with Failing Hitachi Hard Drives:

A variety of reasons exist as to why your computer’s Hitachi hard drive may cease to work. The outside chance of a bump against it as someone in the office walks by, spilling something on it or simply the result of general wear and tear. However one of the more common reasons for a hard drive crash is the hardware within the device failing. This also applies to the onboard software – known as firmware – that controls it. Regardless of the reason for the sudden malfunction of your HDD, we here at, can help you recover your data and may be able to help you repair your drive too.

Hitachi Hard Drive Mechanics Breaking Down:

Hard drives can fail when the heads, the spindles and/or the platters detached from their normal axis. This may happen as for a number of reasons but usually it is doe to old age (a machine left on too long without use or much in the way of downtime) or because the machine has sustained some physical damage from an extraneous. When any of these things occur components that function together to make the hard drive work can cease to function causing it to fail.

Hitachi Hard Drive Formatted, Initilized Errors or File Deletion:

Unfortunately one of the most common reasons we here at are approached to help with is to recover data from hard drives and other storage devices because of accidental deletion or formatting. It is something that can and probably will happen to any of us but in a lot of instances the information may end up permanently irretrievable if you try and reformat the drive after you have deleted it. If you have inadvertently deleted or formatted your hard drive we recommend switching off immediately and contacting us and we will help and advise on how to secure the drive until we can recover the data for you.

Hitachi Hard Drive PCB Degradation:

Ever seen a hard drive up close? Then you may well have noticed the small printed circuit board on its underside. This board has all the information the hard drive needs to operate correctly. It is known as firmware and is a program that sends and receives commands from the motherboard, deciphering them so that the hard drive can function in the right way. The board also allows for the information sent through the ribbon cable attached to the drive and to the motherboard to be interpreted. Generally a faulty circuit board means that the drive may spin but cannot access information or commands but we here at can help you recover the data even if the PCB is beyond repair.

Hitachi Hard Drive Firmware Faults:

Firmware allows your Hitachi hard drive to talk to and understand instructions received by the computer’s motherboard. The purpose of firmware is to understand the commands being sent to the drive by the user through the motherboard. There are occasions when the firmware becomes obsolete or is in need of an upgrade due to a motherboard manufacturer changing the design prior to manufacture. If this happens then a hard drive may not function correctly and there is a possibility that even if an upgrade is available from the Internet it still may not solve the problem. We will certainly be able to help you recover your data using our own sophisticated firmware recovery tools even if the firmware is beyond repair.

Hitachi Hard Drive Not Operating to its Maximum Potential With Windows or OS:

Occasionally your hard drive and the operating system on your computer will simply not be compatible. This is known as a conflicts and may be the result of a number of factors. You may have recently updated the operating system or have used to it to run a disk utility program on your hard drive. Perhaps this has caused a problem? There are many reasons why operating systems – be they Windows-based or OS – may no longer recognise or access the hard drive and we at can help you establish what that reason is and recover your data before it becomes permanently lost.

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