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Client Emails Regarding Hitachi Hard Disk Problems

Hitachi Touro Mobile 500GB External Hard Drive
Hi guys. I now have a Hitachi Touro Mobile 500GB External Hard Drive that has been bugging me for some time now. Lately I’ve been noticing that my external hard drive comes up on my laptop computer, but when I go to check the files, the hard drive asks me to format. So I decline formatting, and end up not being able to view the files. I don’t plan on reformatting since all the contents will be erased. I am aware that external hard drives are usually less reliable than their internal counterparts, especially since the USB converter board inside the enclosure can easily become faulty in no time. So I do take care of my hard drive. I’m thinking that the data on the drive is hopefully still perfectly intact, even though I can’t see them using my laptop..

External Hard Drive Hitachi XL2000
I have a Hitachi XL2000 external hard drive that has been doing great for about 7 months. It was only about a week ago when I noticed something odd about the external drive. I wanted to check several vacation photos with my family, so I decided to open those files from my hard drive. The thing is that the hard drive did not open the files. What happened instead was that the hard drive gave off a strange whirring sound, like it’s processing the command but just won’t let the files show up on my monitor. I suspect that the external hard drive is now corrupted. So now I am trying to find a data recovery company to retrieve all my vacation photos. Is it possible to do that at all? I have already checked the connection, and even changed the USB cable that I was using, but the external hard drive just can’t open the files I want opened.