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Client Emails Regarding IBM Hard Disk Problems

I have an old IBM-DHAA-2540 (P/N 84G2983) that won’t power on, which came from an old external case for the parallel port, and should contain much of the code I produced as a kid. However, looks like the HDD is dead now. The LED on my IDE 2.5 to USB connector does not even turn on when plugged in. I have tried the connector on other old drives with a higher current drain and they seem to work. I think the culprit is the PCB.

Old IBM Hard Drive
My old IBM computer just died recently so I wanted to take out the hard drive inside and possibly use it for other machines. I am quite experienced in this so I took it out on my own and installed it on a different computer. It got recognised but would not allow me access to the C drive to copy all user documents from my user profile. I then tried to connect it via a 3.5” IDE cable but still would not connect. I have run a scan with a couple of data recovery programs but they did not recover any data and I think I might have made the problem worse.