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Client Emails Regarding Samsung Hard Disk Problems

Samsung D3 Station 2TB USB 3.0 Black External Hard Drive
I own a Samsung D3 Station 2 external hard drive that has been running very slowly and is unusable. By right-clicking on Drive->Properties->Tools, I selected Check Now to perform error checking on the drive. The hard drive, already contains about 200GB of data – mostly photos and videos. The thing is, when I ran error-check, I wasn’t able to let it finish because it was taking quite a while and I had to leave. So, I cancelled the process and this is where the problem began. After that action, I can no longer access the hard drive. When I check it on My Computer, all the data I saved on it is gone. The hard drive can still be detected by my PC but when I double click it, it says “D is not accessible. Access denied.” I thought I should just run the error-check process again but the drive can no longer be seen from there.

Samsung 120GB SATA IDE Hard Drive
My computer – 3GHz Intel Pentium 4 processor with 1GB of RAM, 120GB hard drive from Samsung does not boot correctly anymore so I decided to reinstall windows. I used a Windows XP CD to reformat the C Drive (D Drive contains my user data) and reinstall windows. Windows is loading properly now but I cannot access the D Drive where my data is located. It seems this disk has been reformatted by mistake.