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Client Emails Regarding Seagate Hard Disk Problems

You may say this was not the best idea in the world but I removed the hard drive from an old Xbox 360 and put it into my desktop computer. The hard drive from the Xbox 360 is a Seagate Barracuda 40GB 7200.7 and to begin with it worked a treat. Now I know a lot of people out there in cyberspace might question why I did this but I was in desperate need of a hard drive at the time and this fitted the bill and didn’t run me up a bill either. It worked fine with Windows XP but not at all when I tried moving over to Windows Vista so back to Windows XP Professional I went. Now that I have reinstalled Windows XP the drive is only recognized by the BIOS settings and not by XP itself. When I start up the computer it tells me that I have a primary disk error and then asks me to press any key at which point the computer restarts. I’ve double-checked the underside of the hard drive where the printed circuit board is but there doesn’t seem to be anything untoward there and all of the connectors and leads are in place. My main query is this; I can live with having to purchase another hard drive now that they are getting larger in capacity and smaller in price but I need the material I stored on the drive when I first had Windows XP on it. I partitioned it and so have a lot of stuff stored on one partition whilst using the other for the operating system. Is there a way of retrieving the information without losing it all?

Before consulting this site I was going to ask the question of how to fix problem sectors on my hard drive. My Seagate ST3160827AS 160GB drive has been a good and trusty friend to me but started contracting bad sectors without any reason I could pinpoint. I have tried some software that I bought online that proclaimed to ‘fix’ bad sectors but all it actually did was replace the bad sectors with spare ones – a bit like defragmenter does – and that left me thinking all was well. Indeed all was well until a few days back when I booted up my laptop (the hard drive is in an external caddy and being used to back everything up) and the laptop did not recognize it. I went into My Computer and the device manager, which showed the laptop’s drive but not the one in the caddy that had previously been visible and accessible. There is power going to the drive and also the lights on the panel flash as though the drive is doing something but there are no signs of life between laptop and drive. I have tried moving the hard drive to another computer and connecting it using USB – the caddy operates on USB 2.0 – but to no avail. It just wont work now and I need to get my hands on the latest backup that’s on that disc. Help!!!!