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Client Emails Regarding WD Hard Disk Problems

WD My Cloud 2TB
I have a Western Digital My Cloud 2TB recently and the feature that I love about this is that you will be able to access the data as if you were accessing it on the cloud. I love the remoteness it gives me without having to haul around actual drives. I backed up my critical data to the My Cloud and reformatted the WD My Cloud drive as it was running a bit slow. I downloaded the data from My Cloud but the data is all corrupt. I don’t know if the data had a virus or it was not uploaded correctly but I now have 1TB of corrupted data. Can the data be recovered?

WD Green 2TB
I have a 2TB WD Green, I have been experiencing power problems with it. Getting into it, I installed it as a primary but for some reason it is now being detected as a slave drive. I continue work as usual, seeing nothing wrong as I only use it for additional storage anyway. It’s at that time that I started to worry. My PC started getting slow, often restarting or shutting itself off automatically – probably as a fail-safe. Now the PC won’t recognise the WD drive at all. I need the data recovered from it.