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Laptop Hard Drive Faults and Flaws:

The laptop is as much commonplace now as the desktop PC or the tablet device. With the laptop however a new set of problems and reasons why the hard drive and its components can fail present themselves. With portability comes some of the most common reasons for hard drive failure in a laptop; hard knocks or being dropped by accident. It is not something that we would deliberately do but accidents can and do happen. Also laptop hard drives suffer from problems relating to their in-built firmware that comes preloaded and which is designed to help communicate with other devices attached internally. Should you experience a problem with your laptop hard drive and cannot gain access to your data we are can help.

Laptop Hard Drive Head Spin Disrupted:

Within your laptop’s hard drive is read/write heads that pass over the platters onto which the data you wish to save is stored. These platters and heads are very sensitive components and are prone to problems should they be dislodged from their normal path of movement. The heads themselves pass over the platters without touching them and there is only a small amount of cushioned air that keeps them from touching but if you move your laptop too abruptly or with too much motion while powered on you may find that the motion of these heads is disturbed and can cause a hard drive crash.

Laptop Hard Drive PCB and Cable Problems:

Attached to your hard drive is a PCB (Printed Circuit Board) that contains a series of chips and capacitors and what looks like a road map of solder that passes information to and from the drive and through the ribbon cables to the motherboard. Problems can arise if this PCB is damaged or if the ribbon cable itself becomes twisted out of shape thus rendering it unable to pass these instructions back and forth. You may also find that the data you wish to save will not save because it cannot travel along the cable in the correct manner.

Laptop Firmware Conflicts and Failings:

The firmware operating your laptop hard drive is a sophisticated program that comes preloaded from the factory. Its sole purpose is to ensure your hard drive sends and receives the right instructions and so operates correctly in conjunction with the rest of your devices; sending messages as to how to save and read data. Firmware failures can lead to all manner of problems when using your hard drive and may leave you with nothing more than drive that cannot function normally. Often when you try to update firmware from a manufacturer’s site this has the potential to lead to other problems and leave the drive reporting bad sectors or being unable to boot. If you are experiencing problems similar to these with your laptop hard drive caused by corrupt or missing firmware we can help retrieve your data

Laptop Hard Drive Not Reading, Writing or Reporting Bad Sectors:

If your hard drive develops a fault it may well cause your system to freeze or continually reboot in a loop (called a warm boot). Bad sectors are generally among the reasons for this happening and these bad sectors are to be located potentially on a portion of the disk where the operating system’s system files are resident. A hard drive with bad sectors will deteriorate immaterial of what software program you try to use to cure them although many websites claim to offer software that once purchased can eradicate bad sectors. Software will often move the data on your drive from one location to another, avoiding the bad sectors but not repairing them or stopping them from spreading. If your drive is suffering from a myriad of bad sectors we recommend shutting it down before the problem leads to a complete drive fail and by contacting us at we can help recover the data. We may also be able to offer advice on how to deal with bad sectors

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