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Recover Data From An Acer Laptop


I have had a serious accident with the hard drive from my Acer Gemstone laptop. The problem is that the hard drive has been dropped. Not from a great height, but big enough that it seems to have damaged the drive. I want to get some data back before I return it under warranty. I can put the drive back into the laptop, and start up the system, but the drive is sending out a humming or buzzing noise (not the infamous clicking), and it will do this for about 10-15 minutes. Then, the buzzing stops, but I get a message from the laptop, calling it an unrecognised USB drive. It then says that something is not working. The drive is also labelled as ‘unknown disk’ or ‘not initialised disk’ when I try to look at it in Device Manager.


I have been having trouble with an Acer Aspire 5050 laptop. The screen suddenly went blank in the middle of doing some work. I thought that the screen had gone, so I replaced it with another. I have also replaced the power cord, the battery, and I am now think the problem is with the hard drive. I am not really able to extract the hard drive from the laptop with ease, so I don’t know how to take it into an enclosure, for example.