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Recover Lost Asus Laptop Data


I have an Asus N51 laptop which has a failed hard drive. It does have a lot of pictures on which are not available from any other system. The problem appears to be, firstly that I am getting a SMART error on boot. I disabled this in BIOS, and then received another message saying AHCI Port Device Error. I can see the hard drive in BIOS, but I can’t load the master hard drive, as there is a list of errors describing files which could not be found. I eventually end up with a message which reports that the drives are not ready.


I have had a crash with my Asus A7V8X laptop which has resulted in the loss of the hard drive. I had backed up my data to a second hard drive, which I had been using between work and home. Unfortunately, someone broke into the car, and stole the hard drive along with a number of other floppy drives and USB flash drives, all of which contained information which now only the failed hard drive has. I have to get this information back, as it contains a lot of very important information. I thought that one backup was enough, but it seems that is not the case. The problems began with the laptop crashing, and sometimes would not acknowledge the hard drive at all. I ignored the problem, until the laptop crashed completely, taking the Windows OS with it. I have plugged this valuable hard drive into the laptop again, and while I can see the drive, the cursor constantly sticks in one place, and then vanishes. The hard drive will also just disappears suddenly from my computer. The BIOS will not recognise it at all.