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Sony Laptop Data Recovery


I have a laptop, model Sony Vaio 394L, which has been using a Windows Vista OS for several years now. I meant to upgrade to Windows 7, but it never happened. I have recently experienced some problems when I go to log onto the operating system, as the message appears to say that the OS has not been found. I can get into the Windows system by going through BIOS, using Safe Mode, but obviously when I use this I am not able to utilise a lot of the software and hardware that I have installed in the laptop. I don’t know what has gone wrong, and I am concerned that I might have lost everything on the system.


I have a Sony Vaio laptop with the model number FJ270B on the back. I am having a problem where the laptop is not recognising the hard drive. I Have tried rebooting the laptop 100’s of times but does not get past the black boot up screen. I took laptop to PC World but they could not get hard drive to get recognised and said the drive had a physical fault with it probably the motor.