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Recovering Data from a Toshiba Laptop


I have a Toshiba P775 which is running Windows 7 as the operating system. I started the system one day, and received a message after the splash screen which said that there was an uninitialized disk in the drive. It then said that I had to replace the disk with the OS system on it to continue. I knew that I had not added another disk, and assumed that it was a mistake. However, on rebooting the system repeated the message. I then put the system on to the recovery partition, and asked it to restore to the last known point. The unit stopped at the partition, with a message saying ‘initialising’, and behind it in the Windows screen, there was an error message with F3-F2000-002 on it. There was another message, which asked me to click OK in order to reboot the computer. It did not shut down, so I had to shut it down manually. Since that time, I can’t get it to start up, or move into the BIOS screen. It will just go into the Windows section, and load files, continuing with the partition screen, and the same error code.


I am having trouble with a Toshiba Satellite 655. The problems began with continual freezing, where Black Screen of Death suddenly appeared when I was using the system. This could occur randomly, so within a few minutes of starting the OS, or after a long period of use. I ran several scans looking for malware, but they all came up blank. I then tried a CHKDSK scan, which also came back with nothing. I then uninstalled software which I had been using, and deleted everything that I could think which might be causing the freeze. When I restarted, I still got the black screen. In the end, I tried system restore in order to recover to a point before this all happened, and then I got a complete freeze. I now cannot reboot.