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Mac Recovery


I have a 2008 Macbook air which is stuck in hibernation, or has frozen in hibernation so that I can’t wake it up. I have been using the laptop as a study aid, and so there is a lot of data on the drive that I want to preserve. The problems started when I was studying, and was looking partly at the computer, and partly at some study books. I looked up at the laptop after reading a few pages of the books, and found that the screen was blank. Neither the mouse nor any of the keys will wake up the system, and I also found that I can’t turn it off through the power button. I disconnected the power cord, but when I put that back in, the computer is still stuck on that screen. I really need to get back onto the computer, as it has a lot of data that I need for my studies, plus an essay which is half-way through being written. Most of it was saved, but I need to be able to access it in order to complete it by the deadline.


I have a Macbook Air from Apple, which was working fine until recently. The problem is that the hard drive appears to be showing a much smaller storage space than I really have available, and yet when I go into the folder to view all of my saved files, I can only see a couple of folders with computer software on. The drive, which was an 80gb hard drive, is now only showing slightly more than 25gb, and of that only 800mg is available. I have the system set up in a two-disk partition, or a RAID 0 partition, so I know that takes up more space, but I don’t understand where the files and folders from the drive have gone. Surely there should be more files on the drive, not less? I need to be able to recover some of that data, as it contains important work files which have not been backed up, and I don’t want to lose these files in particular.