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Rescue The Data From Your Dell PC


I need urgent help with a Dell Dimension 3100, which has stopped working after an upgrade. I had bad OS, which was corrupted for some reason after only a few weeks of using it, and so I decided to return to using Windows XP, which has always been my favourite. The upgrade went very smoothly, and there didn’t seem to be any problems at all with the installation, but when I got into the desktop and tried to use my keyboard, I found that the system would not boot up.


I have a Dell Dimension 3100c, which is not turning on as usual. It is instead freezing before it even boots up. At first, when I turn it on, I can see that there is power in the system, and the CPU system turns green. Usually, there is another light nearby which then turns green, indicating that the hard drive is working. What I am finding is that this is not working as it should and in fact has failed. Instead, the CPU unit becomes an orange colour. This is a solid orange, it is not flashing, and there is no beeping, which I thought was used when there was an error in the system. There are no lights on the monitor, and the PC is not booting, but all of the diagnostics lights on the computer’s front panel remain green.