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Recover Lost Files with Computer Data Recovery


I have a Windows XP PC which appears to have failed for no reason. I came home after having been away for a short period, and when I tried to put the computer on, I got the beginning of the boot sequence, and then an error message which said that the system ‘cannot load the operating system’. I decided to remove all of the unnecessary hardware, such as USB connections, printers and speakers. The only connections remaining were the mouse, the keyboard and the monitor. I tried to boot using only these items, but there was no success. I have run a diagnostics program, which said that there were ‘no problems’ with the drive. When I loaded another recovery programs, I could immediately see that all of my partitions were gone, including one with the OS on, and another with a lot of files and folders which form part of my work. I have lost most of the data, which was not backed up to a separate drive, and I need help to recover both the OS, and the work folders.


I have been having some problems with my Windows 7 operating system. To begin with, it seemed as though the hard drive had failed. Rather than going into a boot screen, the system would instead go to a black screen, and put up a message saying that the ‘operating system was missing’. I tried to reboot several times, but there was no response at all. I found a recovery disk for Windows 7 eventually, and put in the first disk. I turned on the monitor expecting the boot screen, but was suddenly in Windows. However, as soon as I tried to move the mouse, the program crashed. I was trying to recover the OS because there is important documents and photographs on the computer which I don’t have additional copies of.