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The Best Way To Deal With Recovering Data From A Gateway Desktop PC


I am having problems with a Gateway GT4022 which seems to have completely lost the operating system. Everything seems to be booting up fine until the computer gets to the BIOS menus page, and then it just stops. It won’t go on to the next page, or freeze when it starts loading Windows, as I have seen happen before, and it doesn’t stop before BIOS. It just stays, not frozen but not moving, on the BIOS page. I have a partition there, which means that I usually have to press enter to get into the program I want. I have found that I can’t move the cursor with the keyboard, and I also can’t get into any of the alternative BIOS menus, such as the one offering Safe Mode. It just seems to be paused on that page.


I have a problem with my Gateway 505GR. Recently, the hard drive on the computer suffered a serious crash, and so I had to fit a new one into the system, and had to reinstall everything from a flash drive. Recently, I have started having problems with the boot up, often having to restart the computer before I can get into the system. Sometimes I have to go inside the computer and push some of the sockets together so that they are fully connecting before it will load. This is such a problem that I just leave the side of the computer off these days. The problem now I that I can hear a distinctive clicking noise coming from the hard drive, and I have not been able to get some of my programs to respond to my instructions.