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RAID Server Repair


I have a single WD drive which operates under RAID, but it has been a lot of trouble recently, and I am almost tempted to split up the RAID and start again. The first problems seemed to be with the XP computer, which resulted in several blue screens, or BSODs. I tried to solve this problem, but it soon became clear that it was the WD drive which as missing from the system, and that automatic backups had ‘leaked’ somehow and overwritten data which was on this drive. I had been using the WD drive as a kind of server, as it had more than one disk on it. I can see that drive F, or the WD disk has somehow failed. There is a mirror to another drive which is working fine, so it must just be this drive which has failed. I have tried to get the system going again onto the B drive, but there are just a series of repeat failures. This problem started during an automatic backup, so the rewrite might have deleted data as well as doing the overwrite. Can your data recovery company recover the data on the raid system?


I have a server array which runs several different drives on one system, all operating under a RAID. I am not sure what kind of RAID the system has, although I suspect that it might be RAID 0. If that is the case, then I think that the array may have lost data, because one of the drives has failed. Disk 2 has stopped working completely. Disk 1 is working fine, and Disk 3, a mirror of Disk 1, is also working well. I have been trying to get the second drive to work for some time. As the server is configured by Windows, I have no separate software RAID controller, it is all done by the system.