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RAID 0 Data Recovery


I have been using a RAID 0 server which has been damaged by fire. What happened was that the server room where this device was sitting caught fire (an old server overheated and started the blaze). The whole room was damaged, and I was forced to replace quite a lot of the equipment. It seems as though the server which contained the RAID 0 array is part of the damage. The problem is that there is a great deal of company data on the drive. I hope that the internal hard drives are alright, they seem ok to the eye, but I think that the server has suffered fire and smoke damage. I need to be able to recover the data from the drive, but a colleague working in the IT room before me has installed several pieces of software which require license keys. These keys were kept in one place – on the RAID 0 hard drives, and I can’t replace the software on the systems until I read these drives. It is essential that I recover these drives so that I can extract the data I need.


I want some help recovering my data from a Buffalo TeraStation. I want to put it onto a new server to allow me access to my files. The old Buffalo server is dead, and I need to extract data from the hard drives on that server. I was hoping that I would be able to just mount up the drives into the new server, and transfer the data, but the problem is that the old server kept the data in a RAID 0 configuration in the array. This means that changing the position, or trying to configure the drives so that they match the old server, is very difficult indeed. The drives contain a lot of data that I don’t have backup for, and so I really do have to find a way to extract the information. At the moment, I have not touched the drives, and they are sitting in the same position in the Buffalo TeraStation.