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RAID 1 Failures and Data Recovery


I have an HP ProLiant server in the 370 series which is booted up through a connection to a 2-disk raid 1 array. On starting up the process recently, the system has told me that the server can’t boot, and that there is an error in one of my logical drives, which had been placed in interim recovery. I have a lot of data on those drives, and I need to get it back, so I tried to stop this recovery, but I can’t get the server to boot, still. There is also apparently a server error, part of which is a message that the server is out of battery, even though the machine is powered by a cord. This all suggests to me that the server has broken down, but I am most interested in getting recovery of data on those drives.


I have been running a RAID 1 array on my server, using a set or four hard drives to boot up the computer with one mirror, and using the other pair of drives to store data. I recently had a problem with one of these pairs, a Hitachi Deskstar drive, which crashed, and then started clicking. I knew this was a bad sign, so decided to start a rebuild using a new drive. I took the damaged drive out, and rebuilt the array, but still with some data missing, before checking out the old drive. I swapped PCBs from another Deskstar, and then put the drive onto the computer using a SATA connection. I saw the data which was missing from my server, but the original hard drive has not been accepted back into the array. The system keeps demanding that I put back the replacement drive.