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Our experts have extensive experience recovering data from iMacs and Macbooks. With 15 years experience in the data recovery industry, we can help you securely recover your data.
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Apple Mac Data Recovery

Apple Mac HDD Read and Writing Problems:

Now that more of us than ever are turning to Macs from Windows-based PCs, the number of queries we find ourselves answering as a result has increased. As an all-in-one unit the Apple Mac can be left in the corner if the hard drive fails so every effort should be undertaken to reduce the likelihood of a hard drive failure whenever possible. It is not just the physical damage to the hard drive that should be considered though. There is also damage that can be done by installing peripheral devices without first ensuring the chances of a conflict are as low as possible.

OS Not Recognising Primary HDD on Boot Up:

If you have switched on your Apple Mac and discovered a symbol on the screen against a blue or grey background then you may be experiencing your Mac’s inability to read the hard drive. This can the result of a variety of different problems and some of the solutions offered online (should you choose to explore forums etc.) include reformatting or trying to boot from Recovery Mode which can involve the complete loss of data. If you have tried booting up and discovered this then before you take any further action contact us at Manchester Data Recovery.

Mac Hard Drive Failure on Replacing Drive:

Problems may occur as a result of physical failures to your Apple Mac hard drive. In particular these may leave you unable to access any of the data already saved to the drive. And if you have been unfortunate enough not to be able to perform a backup then you may be left with a difficult decision to make. Do you attempt to replace the drive and start again or do you try and have the data recovered? Physical problems such as broken spindles mean that your hard drive will not spin up or indeed may continue to do nothing other than spin. Just because a hard drive makes a sound as though it is working this does not necessarily mean that it is. It is not unheard of for an Apple Mac owner to have a disk replaced and have the original disk installed in another Mac only to find it will not function there so before you decide upon this course of action contact us at Manchester Data Recovery and we will give you our expert opinion as to whether the disk is beyond repair and can discuss your options for data recovery.

Apple Mac Firmware Issues When Replacing Motherboard:

Firmware programs are not just written by the manufacturer of the computer you are using but also by the manufacturers of the various components used in their build. While an Apple Mac’s firmware may run correctly some third party firmware may not and may need reinstalling or updating should a problem arise. In these instances replacing firmware may cause additional problems especially when it comes to hard drives and motherboard compatibility. If you are experiencing difficulty installing or reinstalling firmware then contact us at Manchester Data Recovery and we will help diagnose the problem or at the very least help you recover data from a hard drive malfunctioning due to firmware issues.

Mac OS Inability to Read Drive After New or Reinstall:

Some Mac users we have assisted have had problems when it comes to accessing their hard drive after a new installation of OS. This may be the result of an incorrect format or because the drive partition has failed leaving errors spread over a wide area of the disk. These problems are caused by what are known as logical errors; this is when the software is corrupted or unable to write the necessary files to the right place. We have 15-years of experience dealing with such problems and ask that you contact us before trying another installation which may result in the loss of your data on a permanent basis

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