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Our experts have extensive experience recovering data from RAID servers. With 15 years experience in the data recovery industry, we can help you securely recover your data.
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Raid Server Data Recovery Manchester

RAID Server Disk Errors:

Nowadays a RAID server can be used at home or as part of your business’ IT infrastructure. The device is used for storing and retrieving high volumes of data and allows more than one person access to it at a time. Bearing this in mind you should consider the possibility that these setups – in particular their hard drives – may fail due to heavy usage. RAID devices are becoming the IT workhorse and with that in mind many organisations turn to us here at Manchester Data Recovery for help and advice when their drives fail or cannot be read. We have experienced staff with over 15 years of experience behind them who are knowledgable with the many different makes and configuration of RAID setup available and the problems they encounter such as corrupted data, damaged or failing controller cards, missing partitions and disk failures after a rebuild

RAID Hard Drive Not Mounting:

One of the problems with a RAID array is that on occasion one or more of the drives within it may not mount. This is easily spotted if you are running a disk management program and it will display an error that the IT administrator will receive even if they are not in the building. Whilst attempting to save information to a drive that has failed to mounted those people using it will also receive a warning and be asked to select another drive on the array to save to or a local disk. This can be the difference between saving a recent copy of their data or losing it altogether. A failed drive mount may be because of a drive hardware failure or firmware collapse. Ask us about how to proceed if you are experiencing any of the difficulties we have mentioned.

The Risks Inherent With Rebuilding a RAID Array:

We are asked regularly to assist companies who need to recover from a failure after a RAID rebuild. Having replaced a RAID drive and performed a rebuild this does not necessarily mean you are problem free and indeed it can lead to further problems. Many RAID rebuilds result in a failure to mount a drive(s) or data not being fully restored. We pride ourselves on our ability to help and indeed we have helped a great many companies and individuals recover their data and their RAID array from an incomplete or unsuccessful rebuild.

RAID Server Firmware Problems:

All hard drives in a RAID setup require firmware to operate correctly with the motherboards and controller cards they are connected to. With this in mind if a firmware program is out of date or corrupt then there is the likelihood that one or more of your RAID drives will not function correctly if this firmware is faulty. When this happens data can be lost or become inaccessible as it may not be saved or mirrored to the right place if at all. Here at Manchester Data Recovery we are experts in dealing with corrupted firmware within RAID setups.

Flawed RAID Controller Card and/or Controller Card Firmware:

You may have been using the same RAID array for some time or may have upgraded it but there is no telling when a controller card will malfunction. Even after the replacement of a RAID controller card the RAID setup may not boot in the way it is designed to and in some instances it may not boot at all. Partitions may become corrupted or unreadable or the volume may be reported as being less or more than its actual physical size. This may lead to the incorrect reading and writing of data to your RAID drives and may hinder the correct mirroring of data from one drive to another. Please contact us here at Manchester Data Recovery for more information is this a problem that concerns you or if it is indeed a problem you are currently suffering from.

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