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Our experts have extensive experience recovering data from USB Sticks. With 15 years experience in the data recovery industry, we can help you securely recover your data.
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USB Memory Sticks Problems Explained:

USB Memory Sticks are made up of some of the most delicate hardware and firmware around and contained inside a compact casing that allows you, the user, to save your data, share it with others and add to it on the move. While the technology is useful it can have its negative points too. Common among the reasons why USB sticks fail are damage to connections between USB adapter and computer USB port, degradation of onboard components, failure of the write protect switch, and also disruption to the flash memory. As a result of some of the aforementioned you may find yourself in the unenviable position of being unable to retrieve valuable material. If this is the case we here at can help

Physical Damage to USB Stick:

Within a USB stick is an EEPROM chip to which your information is saved. This is what is commonly known as Flash memory and it can store information in a variety of different file format and volumes. Flash memory chips are susceptible to damage as a result of mistreatment and can end up unreadable. Subsequent problems occur if the wires and bonding resin holding keeping them in place becomes damaged or degrades due to excess heat. The result of this is that the USB stick is incapable of being read by the USB port into which you have just inserted it. Using sophisticated technology we at can retrieve the data from your USB stick that might otherwise be considered beyond repair.

USB Stick Internal Connections Damaged:

Generally the USB connector that allows you to connect your memory stick to a USB port is a Male Type-A and attached to this inside the memory stick are a series of small pins called controller pins that allow for the transfer of data from the memory chips through a semiconductor. There are occasions when we here at have been asked to recover data from USB sticks that are no longer able to communicate with USB 2.0 ports because these connectors have been damaged either by accidental damaged or simply as a result of wear and tear caused by the persistent removal and replacement of the stick from a port.

USB Memory Stick Data Lost Through Human Error or Hardware Failure:

One of our most common queries is whether or not we can reconstitute data from a USB stick that has been erased or formatted by mistake. It can be an easy mistake to make if you have read the drive letter incorrectly and by clicking the wrong mouse button, reading a dialogue box on screen wrongly or simply being in a hurry the data is gone. Once the request to delete or format has been executed the chances of getting your data back through conventional means is slim. Many pieces of software to buy independently on the Internet for example cannot fully guarantee that data retrieved can be opened or restored to its original state. We on the other hand have over 15 years experience when it comes to retrieving data from wiped USB sticks.

Computer or Laptop Freezes when USB Stick is inserted into USB 2.0 Port:

Have you inserted your USB memory stick into USB port and the result has been your computer has frozen? If so then you have a problem. Either the hardware within the USB stick has developed a fault or there could well be an issue between your computer’s software and the memory stick’s firmware. Continually rebooting the computer in an attempt to try and read the USB stick will result not only in the degradation of the memory chip but may also lead to problems with your computer’s hard drive as well. If the problem occurs we recommend you remove the USB stick and do not use it on any other computer without speaking to us first. If the data on the USB stick can be recovered we will recover it for you without the risk of further damage to your computer or the data on the stick itself.

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