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RAID 5 Data Recovery


I have been using a Windows 2000 server which has a set of 6 hard drives configured into a RAID 5 array. The problems began when one of the drives failed. The server had suffered a power blackout, meaning that the array went into an offline mode, and when I rebooted, I found that the drive was lost. I didn’t know how many drives were bad, and so I went into the array management system. This showed that 2 of the drives were online, but these were not considered to be members of the array. I could not restore the array, and so I used the BIOS recovery option, and while this seems to have worked, when the server is booted up, the disks appear but show as unallocated. All of the space is available, and the disks are not allocated. This means that all of the data which was on the drives is now lost completely. The utility wants to format the drive, but so far I have not accepted this.


I want help with a Netgear ReadyNas server. This server is having problems with the disks installed in the RAID 5 array. There are three disks installed in the array, and all of them are being reported as having failed by the server. These drives should be full of data which comes from the business, and to have them fail is a serious problem. I have tested run several tests, with the results that while some appear to be damaged there is at least one which is alright, but I am not sure which one this is. The first disk has problems with the first part of the sectors, all of them being bad. The second disk is ok, and the third disk is completely failed. If the only survivor is the second disk, I am not sure how much data can be recovered from the failed raid system.