Preston Data Recovery

Data Recovery Preston: No one wants to have to call upon the services of a data recovery provider but when the worst happens you need to know that the company you have chosen are going to be able to recover the data you need when you need it. Our engineers have been providing proven data recovery solutions for the last 16 + years and in that time have recovered the data from many thousands of storage devices that would have otherwise been written off. To find out how Preston’s premier data recovery solutions provider can reunite you with your data call our team today on 0161 8710788.

Consider if you will the number of hours in a day you spend producing data that is ultimately stored on your hard drive for use later on. If you have stopped to do a rough tally you will know that it is a lot of time and that is time that cannot be given back should your experience the worst case scenario and your hard drive or similar such storage device fails. The solution, for which you are probably looking at this page, is our data recovery Preston engineers who have the experience and technology as well as their own bespoke data recovery techniques that will be able to pull your data back from the brink.

It is immaterial to our data recovery Preston engineers what you do for a living; our primary concern is recovering your data so that you continue on with whatever you were doing before the crash happened. And in providing our data recovery services to the businesses and people of Preston our engineers have ensured the safe return of many hundreds (if not surely thousands) of terabytes of data on an annual basis.

We are proud of our hard disk drive recovery services and with good reason – check out our testimonials page and see just why we are the premier data recovery solutions provider in Preston and Lancashire.

Taking the sting out of a unfortunate tale

A great many computer users would immediately consider their data gone for good once a hard drive or similar storage device has failed but our data recovery Preston engineers urge you to consider the other possibilities; and those are being reunited with the data you were using before the storage device failed and carrying on with the least amount of time wasted and all of your customers (if you are running a business) happy in the knowledge that you were still in a position to service their needs.

Call our data recovery Preston engineers today on 0161 8710788 if you have suffered the loss of data or inaccessibility of data because of problems with an itinerant hard drive or similar such storage device. Our engineers are on hand now (9am to 6pm) to answer your queries and to provide you with a no obligation quotation (this may include an additional charge if the drive has failed mechanically), a preliminary diagnosis of the problem and details of our No Fix No Fee guarantee. If you are content that we can retrieve your data (and if we can’t you have our No Fix No Fee policy to fall back on) then we ask that you send the storage device in question to us here at our data recovery Preston and Lancashire centre.

We will accept delivery of your storage device if you post it, send it by courier or deliver it in person and once we have it here our data recovery Preston personnel will make a definitive diagnosis of the problem. They will email you by return with details of the problem as it appears and also a list of all the data that can be recovered (if the data is larger than 30GBs and will not fit onto data DVDs we ask that you purchase an external storage device from our stores). We will ask you to make payment if you are happy for us to finish the recovery and you can do this via BACS transfer, credit or debit card – and on receipt of payment our personnel will recover he data to its new media and return it to you via next day courier (this costing has been included already in your quotation with us). For more information on the levels of service we provide, a no obligation quotation and/or to book your hard drive in for recovery, call our team on 0161 8710788 today – our telephone lines and data recovery centre are open Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm (except Christmas Day and Easter).