South Ribble Data Recovery

Data Recovery South Ribble: Whether you are a business user, a student, a healthcare professional, government employee or a domestic computer user, the computer you use on a daily basis will contain information that is important to you and losing access to that data will be a costly experience both in terms of time and potentially money from a business point of view. Losing that data and not having back-ups to rely on can leave you in a very precarious position so it is good to know that you have the services of the premier data recovery provider in South Ribble to call upon if the worst happens. Call our engineers today on 0161 8710788 and ask for advice and support as well as a no obligation quotation.

Our data recovery South Ribble engineers are often asked to explain how a hard drive works. And without wishing to sound condescending it is not necessarily the easiest thing to do. Imagine though if you will a vinyl record over which a stylus passes and you have a basic idea as to the principle of a hard drive. Inside the read/write head via the actuator arm passes extremely quickly over a series of ceramic (or glass depending on the age of the drive) platters which allow for the information you create to be stored and accessed.

It is often the case that when a hard drive fails, it fails because these platters and read/write heads come into contact with each other when they are specifically designed not to do so. Thin cushions of air separate these platters and enable them to spin at the speed they do and any collision between them can render the hard drive useless.

Our hard disk drive recovery solutions allow for the retrieval of data from hard drives that have suffered from the aforementioned affliction and allow for the return of your data on a new media/storage device so that you can carry on from where you were unexpectedly forced to leave off.

The drive sounded as though it was crunching then it stopped working!

Our data recovery South Ribble engineers have heard the aforementioned refrain on many occasions over the past 16+ years and in a lot of cases it has been because two or more components that were not supposed to touch did so. With this in mind we have been able to recover the data and return it to its user in pristine condition, saving them a great deal of time and money.

If you have experienced the loss of data or can see the data but can’t access it then it may because of the process we have just described and a call to our data recovery South Ribble engineers is the first step on the road to recovering it. Call our personnel on 0161 8710788 and a member of our team will explain our No Fix No Fee policy, provide you with a no obligation quotation and also give you a preliminary diagnosis of the problem. Our quotation may include an additional charge if the drive has suffered mechanical damage but our engineer will explain this to you. If you are content that we can recover your data and you would like us to we ask that you send the drive in question to us at our data recovery South Ribble and Lancashire centre. We accept deliveries by post, courier or in person if you are able to deliver it in this manner.

Having taken receipt of your hard drive or similar storage device our data recovery South Ribble team will make a firm diagnosis and report back with their findings. They do this by email and include on the email a list of all the data that can be recovered – this allows you to see that the data you need is recoverable and recoverable successfully (we may ask you to purchase an external storage device if the data exceeds our normal allowance of 30GBs which can be retrieved to data DVDs). If you are happy to continue we ask that you make full payment to us by credit or debit card or BACS transfer and on receipt of payment we recover your data and return it to you via next day courier. To find out more about how we can recover your data and return it to you in the same condition as before your drive failed, contact our team on 0161 8710788 – our data recovery centre and telephone lines are open and manned between 9am and 6pm Monday to Friday (except Christmas Day and Easter).